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LSBS use the latest in Computer Aided Design software – Solidworks 2007 premium.

Solidworks is the market leader in CAD software incorporation highly sophisticated programs including the ability to convert a Laser scanning in STL format directly into usable CAD models.

LSBS offer a weapon design service from capturing a single part for replication through to capturing the entire weapon, modelling each part followed by assembling the models into a fully functioning assemble.

The software allows the parts to have relationships to each other e.g. pivoting around a pin or pushing on a face demonstrating the full operation functionality of each piece.

Once the part functionality has been proven and any stress analysis completed the parts can be issued in many different formats ready for manufacture in either the modern world of engineering or LSBS’s secure manufacturing area.

Example of part replication / cloning:

Top left is the broken Purdey main spring, picture right is the data captured into Solidworks, this part can then be post processed into a manufacturing programme and manufactured from Spring Steel – the finished part (bottom left) is hardened and tempered ready for fitting .


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